Chad White and Marie-Pierre Bilodeau's adventure began a long time ago while wayfaring the planet in search of freedom, wisdom and thrills. Chads journeying led him to learn the art of macrame and wire wrapping in Ecuador and Venezuela. MP was across the globe in India, Morrocco and Tibet collecting beautiful findings to bring back to Canada. Their paths united as gypsy vendors on the sidewalks of downtown Toronto. They toured the west end neighbourhoods with no other goal but to fund their next adventures to far away lands. Separately after a few years in the world of jewelry making Chad began designing clothing in Bali and Mp in Rajasthan, India. The beautiful people in both countries were extremely skilled tailors and made it very easy to bring their ideas to life. At that point back in Canada, they had extended their vagabond peddling to include folk and electronic music festivals mostly in British Columbia. One magical Shambhala Music Festival on the outskirts of the circus tented Rockpit they decided to share a shop together and thats when the spark of Rabbit & Empee was ignited. Chad's company name was Rabbit Anvil (He used an anvil to pound metal for jewelry) and MP was simply Empee. They decided to head to Asia together right after the festival and found that the combination of their ideas created adornments that were special and unique to what already existed. The mastery of their craft and the strength of their union became stronger with every passing year. They brought their traveling shop to festivals in Australia, the U.S and of course all over Canada. Stores in Australia, USA & Canada wanted to carry their creations and over time they made a name for themselves. They now have their very own locale in East Vancouver where they also give fellow festival artists & designers a place to showcase their amazing wearable art. They will forever be found drifting on dance floors, trading at bazaars of festivals tiny and grand, and of course always searching for new adventures.